In support of Earth Day, we powered down our brand website to promote digital sustainability. We called it #DayToZero, and it was another opportunity for us to Be the Change and continue our Way to Zero mission to create a more sustainable future, both on and off the road.

Why our website?

The Internet has a significant carbon footprint. So, for one day we replaced our vw.ca site with this single, text-based, carbon efficient page that generates an estimated 93% less CO2. And for every visit we got, we offset our digital carbon footprint by planting a tree in Canada with our partners at One Tree Planted*. The result? Our #DayToZero will mean 59,996 more trees as part of our ongoing mission to create a more sustainable world. Because together, we can all #BetheChange.

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trees planted

Cleaner than 93% of pages tested

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